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Take 5 Interview
The Take 5 Interview series is a continuation of featuring selected pinhole artists from around the planet. Each artist is asked a set of five questions that will shed light on their persona, their portfolio, and their creative take on this intriguing art form called pinhole photography. All questions are derived by Brian J. Krummel and answered by the respective artist in their own words.

September 3rd, 2010 : Bob St.Cyr
Hi, I'm Bob St.Cyr and I live in Victoria, British Columbia. By training, I am a teacher and have been involved with photography since around my junior high school days.

When did you first get interested in pinhole photography and how long have you been practicing this art form? List any creative influences that have shaped your own personal style.

My first experience with pinhole imaging was around 1995. I made a pinhole camera out of lens box material and got an image. After that however, I never followed up until the spring of 2007 when I purchase my first ZeroImage pinhole camera ... since then I've been enthusiastically pursuing this aspect of photography along with my lens cameras.

I have been encouraged by some of the works and comments I've noticed on the f/295 site.

Bob St.Cyr
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Which characteristics of pinhole are most attractive to you and applicable to your work?

It is hard to pick just one preference, because the various ways of making pinhole images can be useful depending upon what it is I want to convey.

I really like working with my 120 Pinhole Blender with Velvia to capture colours; I like my ZeroImage 4x5 @ a focal length of 25mm when I really want to "stretch out" the image, and just a straight pinhole camera for events and street scenes.

Copyright © 2010 Bob St.Cyr
Government House
Victoria, BC, one of my favourite locations for pinhole photography because of the diversity of garden plants and trees on the grounds.
ZeroImage 4x5 @ a focal length of 25mm with Velvia transparency film.
Which new techniques would you like to experiment within the year?

I would really like to explore ultra-large format 20 x 24 (+/-) and polaroid pinhole imaging.

What creative tools and techniques do you use, such as any specific cameras, film, development, or printing processes?

As mentioned above the pinhole blender and the 4x5 @ a focal length of 25mm with Velvia film allow me to "shape the light" to some degree if you will, unlike straight exposure cameras. For colour, I send out, but for black & white I process and print myself.

Why is pinhole photography important to you?

I have discovered it to be a facinating way to explore GOD's creation and to work with light, shape, colour, black, white and various tones in between. I enjoy the simplicity and yet the challenges inherent in this type of photography.