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4M 35mm Pinhole Camera

Children love fun, and there is no reason that you cannot include them in your photographic excursions. The do-it-yourself pinhole camera kit from 4M is a perfect activity for young minds.

According to the box, "the most unusual photo taking device. No lens and no digital transmission. Explore how a tiny pinhole captures light rays to produce real photos. It does not take the best photos in the world, but definitely the most interesting ones. Snap-to-assemble, the only pinhole camera around which uses 135 film cartridge; it's an inspiring optical science kit for both kids and adults."
4M pinhole camera
35mm film
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For approximately $11.00, you can purchase a snap-together pinhole kit which accepts 35mm film.
Material List
In addition to your camera kit, gather a small needle and a roll of 35mm film. Everything else is included in the boxed kit!

Companion Book Chapters
Consult these chapters of The Pinhole Camera for additional tricks, tips, and help: Chapter 1 (Advanced Track) and Chapter 3.
What's In The Box?
The instructions are easy to follow, well illustrated, and succinct. In addition to English, the instructions are provided in six other languages.

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The kit is recommended for ages 8 and over, but it really is simple to assemble.

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You will find all 11 pieces of the camera in addition to double sided tape and foil for the pinhole.

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high On river bed
Just as any pinhole camera, the 4M is prone to long expsoures and the accompanied motion blur.
Assembling the Pinhole & Shutter
The foil that is provided in the kit is very thin and easy to pierce; however, you may opt to replace it with a heavier gauge material. The shutter assembly is very simple, but effective. It consists of a lever that pivots on a post as a spring holds it all in place.

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This is the front of the camera without the pinhole and cover.

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someone's lost bottle

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Photowalk in april

Loading the Camera & Creative Ideas
This camera accepts a standard 35mm film cansiter which is a huge advantage to shooting with this kit— film is inexpensive and convenient to process. One disadvantage is the lack of a film window on the back of the camera, so you really do not know how many exposures you have taken.

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fresh film is placed on the left side of the camera. the pick-up spool is on the right. in between each frame, advance the film knob one full rotation. once you reach the end of the roll, simply rewind the film back into the supply canister.

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The beast within
Ensure the film is completely rewound into the supply canister before you open the back of the camera.

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Here is the fronT of the camera with the pinhole and cover in place.
The plastic molded body is durable and easy to assemble. The inexpensive camera won't break the bank. The 35mm film format is convenient to purchase and process. With a handful of advantages, you owe it to yourself to consider the 4M pinhole camera kit today.

Copyright © 2010 Brian J. Krummel
Young Photographer
The 4M is a fantastic that you can build with a kid to encourage a fresh young mind.
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