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Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day
On Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (WPPD), creative photographers from around the globe gather for one purpose— pinhole photography. From professionals to hobbyists, the last Sunday of April is a day for creative fun. The next WPPD occurs on April 25th and this year marks the tenth anniversary of the organization.

Anyone is invited to participate in the event, regardless of experience level. It is as simple as taking a pinhole photo on April 25th, 2010 and uploading it to the official website. Complete instructions can be found on the website.

You will also find additional resources on the website. Locate a workshop or an event to socialize and mingle with other artists. Follow one of the valuable links in the resource section to learn how to build a camera, plan a workshop event, or buy a commercial camera.

Finally, review the Gallery for inspiration. Search by city, state, or country and explore images that have been created from around the world. Worldwide Pinhole Photogray Day is an opportunity for new photographers to emmerse themselves in the medium and for experienced artists to celebrate the wonders of lensless photography

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