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About the Author
Brian J. Krummel, a photographer by formal training, completed a BA in Arts from Pennsylvania State University in 1996, focusing on photography as a creative discipline. Brian's passion about photography has led him to continue his own photographic experimentations and explorations over the years with a variety of tools and techniques, which most recently included branching off into the interests of lo-fi, toy camera, and pinhole photography. Read more >
The Pinhole Camera is a practical how-to manual for making pinhole cameras and images. The techniques contained here are not difficult to master, and soon you will find yourself constructing your own cameras and making wonderful, innovative images. The content is divided into four parts, spanning fourteen comprehensive chapters. The Beginner Track, Advanced Track, and Creative Opportunities serve as an intuitive structure to the topics and techniques introduced so that both beginners and advanced artists can work at their own pace.
The Pinhole Camera
Part One introduces the art form of pinhole photography, discussing the benefits and opportunities.

Part Two thoroughly describes the pinhole process: from creating your own camera and pinhole, selecting a light-sensitive material, exposing your image, developing and evaluating negatives, and finally, printing your own photographs.

Part Three is the workshop section that highlights topics such as converting cameras and setting up a black and white darkroom.

Part Four illustrates the community of pinhole photographers worldwide. Each featured artist shares with you one image along with their own personal pinhole philosophy. The combination of artists and selected subject matter is a wonderful testimony to the creative images achieved with pinhole photography.

Featured Artists
The following artists were selected for representation in The Pinhole Camera:

Africa, Asia, and Australasia
Xiao Shan
Noriko Ohba
Danne Dhirgahayu
Pierre Lagace
Nathaniel Stern
Ben Du Ross
William Mellott
Landry Dunand

Balazs Sprenc
Marie-Noelle Leroy
Geert van Hurck
Rudy Ramos
Danilo Pedruzzi
Tarquin Coate
Alan Cooper
Nhung Dang
Tony Kemplen
Michaela Lewis
Mark Lorch
Dante Penman
Ian Goulden
Ivan Vano
Robert Vilaplana
Peter Wiklund

North America
Bruce Berrien
Maria Luisa Santos Cuellar
M. M. Adjarian
Chris Keeney
Jon Krummel
Eben Ostby
Delio Ansovini
Odile Donis
Scott F. Speck
Scott Stillman
Henrieke I. Strecker
Arunas Kulikauskas
Victor Milin
Zeb Andrews
Danielle Hughson
Buzzy Sullivan
Wayne Mackeson
Leslie Bastress
Rebecca Pendel
Michael J. Wolszon
Steven White
Steve Degenhardt

South America
Alex Rubio
Alicia Elgueta Acevedo
Luciano de Sampaio Soares
Marcos Campos
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